PCAT Average Scores, Verifying PCAT scores and PCATscoring schemes

Pearson does not have a particular passing score for the PCAT. There is no particular PCAT score which serves as a common target for candidates applying for it. But every pharmacy school has its own standards and PCAT average based on which they shortlist candidates. Hence the test taker must contact the respective colleges or schools to which he/she is applying to gain more information regarding PCAT score.
PCAT scoring scheme
After the completion of the tests, the percentile rank scores are calculated based on the current norm which includes the performances of all the test takers who attempted the test during October 2004 to May 2007.
The scaled scores are calculated based on the number of questions that the test taker answered correctly under each of the sub-tests. Every sub test is calculated separately for pcat score conversion. For the scaled pcat average scores, in order to get the Composite Scaled pcat average score
, the candidate can average the scaled scores obtained in each subtest and divide the result by five. But remember that this method works only for composite scaled PCAT averages, but it wouldn’t work for pcat score percentile ranks.
PCAT Percentile ranks might appear differently on the test taker’s personal PCAT Score distribution report now than on any other previously made personalized PCAT Score Reports. This is because the PCAT marks are always reported on a scale of 200 to 600. The candidate who scores the lowest will be given a rank of 200 and the highest a rank of 800. Other scores in between are scored based on the current norm. The previous year scores were scaled based on previous year’s norms. So you get the drift. The reports might appear different, which is not a cause for worry.
But each section of the PCAT exam, namely- biology, chemistry, verbal ability, quantitative ability and reading comprehension will be given a separate percentile or PCAT average as per the candidate’s performance. This means that If a candidate has scored 330 and his percentile is 66, it implies that 66% of people who wrote the test scored below 330.
Verifying PCAT scores
· Pearson uses highly accurate scoring methods, but if you wish to have your score reports verified once again, you must pay them a verification fee which would be around 40$ or multiple choice questions, 50$ for written tasks, and 90$ for both together.
· It would take at least 10 days for Pearson to complete the process of re-scoring.
· If you applied for verification and the score does involve a change, then the modified score will immediately be available online and the modified transcripts will be sent to the institutions you had requested.
· If the score has indeed been changed, then the verification money will be refunded to the candidate.
· All the re-scoring requests must be made within 60 days of the test and the payments should be mailed to the address provided in the PCAT official website.


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