Tips for a High Score on the PCAT

There is no ideal way to study for the PCAT, no strategy that will give you a 300 with a guarantee. However, you could follow some tips and tricks while preparation so you can score better. Some tips are:
1) Do not start preparing from your undergrad textbooks. This would lead to studying a vast amount of material that will waste a lot of time. However, try to focus only on the topics that are specified as the syllabus for the exam and prepare from good guide books and PCAT preparation material.

2) The PCAT cannot be prepared for in a week or so. It needs constant and continuous preparation for at least a few months to get a good score. You must prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to prepare for two to three hours everyday and increase the time duration as your test date gets nearer. A solid schedule and planning is going to make you prepare well.
3) Make sure you dress appropriately on the day of the exam. Depending on the weather outside and also finding out if your test center has an air conditioner, choose your attire for the test day. Always wear loose and comfortable clothes with a sweater or jacket so you can keep yourself comfortable in any climate.
4) Attempt all questions on the test. There will be no negative marks, so you need not worry about that. If you don’t know the answer to any question, you can take a smart guess by eliminating the inappropriate answers. Try to answer every question so you can choose the right ones if you are lucky.
5) You will be provided plenty of rough sheets so you need not worry about the space. You can use the sheets to write down hints for your essay or solve mathematical questions. However, these rough sheets will not be evaluated, so don’t bother neatness.
6) While writing the essay, make sure you first write the rough draft in the form of hints and then use these to develop your essay. Brainstorm for a minute or so and collect ideas. Write them down so you won’t forget. This method saves you time and also help you organize the essay and write it in a lucid and coherent form.
7) To avoid panic on the day of the exam, avoid studying at the last minute. Stay cool and relaxed and write the exam with enough confidence. Do not drive to the test center, but take your friend or a family member along so you feel good and avoid panic.


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