Registering for the PCAT

The candidates can register for PCAT online. The fee will be around $200. But as per the PCAT official website, this amount is subject to change. For the current year 2011-2012, the scheduled PCAT exam dates are as follows. They are conducted in the months of September and January.
September- 14, 19, 21, 26, and 28
January- 10 and 11, 2012.
Pearson VUE Test Centers are administering the PCAT test which would follow the cbt pattern (computer-based). This exam would be held at various test centers across the United States and in select international cities. Registering for pcat must be done early as possible, as seating at a Pearson VUE Test Center is given out on a first-come first-served basis. The test-takers can register for the PCAT by following this link-

Within exactly a day of submitting the online registration form, the test candidate will receive an email regarding scheduling and selecting of seats for the PCAT at a Pearson VUE Test Center.
In case the candidate is not able to obtain a seat at his/her your preferred test-location date or time slot, he/she can contact the Pearson VUE at the number 1-866-508-8836 for further assistance in this regard. If that is not acceptable, the test taker can Select another test date during the same PCAT Cycle. The last option being Cancelation of your registration for pcat before the last date prescribed for cancellation. If the test taker wants to cancel his/her application after registering for PCAT, he/she must visit the following site to cancel the already booked seat at Pearson VUE . And after that step, cancel your then you need to cancel your registration at the registration PCAT site
People with disabilities taking the PCAT are being provided with accommodation by the PCAT Pearson group. So regarding information on how to request for special accommodations, refer to the PCAT official website. Or the test taker can also call or email the PCAT customer relations.
Important points to remember
· For candidates applying for accommodation, please note that it would take around two moths or 60 days for them to process your accommodation request. So take care to apply for it well in advance.
· Pre-decide on which institutions you want to send you PCAT scores to, even before submitting your online application.
· Once registration for PCAT is completed, the candidate cannot reschedule his/her dates or shift to a new testing window.
· The exam collects addition fees as late fee if the candidate doesn’t submit the online application form on time. There are also other fees like score report fee, verification fee, rescore fee and practice paper fee. Information on such fees can be found in PCAT Fees and Special Services at the PCAT official website.
· Changing of address to which you want your reports to be sent can be modified only till the registration deadline announced by the PCAT Pearson people.


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