Best PCAT books

To suggest a single best pcat book in particular for the entire exam might be difficult as the test covers a wide range of topics including biology and chemistry. But Barrons and Kaplans are widely used books for PCAT. The Barron's PCAT review book, The Pharmacy College Admission Test by Marie A. Chisholm-Burns Pharm D MPH, and a book called How to Prepare for PCAT” by the same author Marie A Chisholm are must-buy books.
Other books worth buying are
· Tata McGraw Hill’s PCAT guide with full length practice papers and test.
· PCAT Flashcard Book (REA)-Pharmacy College Admin Test (Flash Card Books) by the Staff of REA.
· ARCO’s PCAT book to success.
· PCAT books best buy - Get into Pharmacy Schools- Example for Success, by William Figg & Cindy H Chau will also be a good investment in a book.

There are various modes of PCAT prep like online preparation or through classroom coaching. But the best pcat preparation methods have to be analyzed by the test taker himself depending upon his learning and reading speeds and various other factors like work, classes, etc. PCAT also requires the student to be skilled in areas of mathematics and English. There are two writing tasks provided during the test, where the test taker is expected to put forth his views on two essay topics. These essays have to be typed on the computer, so the test taker should take care to get his/her typing speeds in good shape before the actual PCAT test. Also, the student needs to focus on developing his/her vocabulary. Reading a wide range of books and looking up difficult words in a dictionary is essential. If possible, the root words can be memorized for better understanding of the English language. Basic mathematics including arithmetic calculating speed must be strengthened.
Free pcat practice test can be searched for in the internet. PCAT practice test materials are also provided by the official PCAT website and other student-help websites, which would involve a little searching.
When you take an actual test extending for four hours, you will have only a short break in between the exam for about 10–15 minutes. So keep PCAT test timings in mind. Practicing with best PCAT books and PCAT test sample questions is very vital for final preparation. Official instructions for the multiple-choice questions and for the two writing task essays are given in this practice tests also so that you can approximate actual testing conditions as you practice for the same. Ultimately, after acquiring all the necessary materials, it is the practice that the candidate does which proves to be the key to success in PCAT exam or any other exam. So after getting yourself strong in fundamentals, focus on practice papers. For this purpose, PCAT prep text book by American Book Works Corporation which consists of five Practice Tests with solutions and diagnostic reports is also a good bet.


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